Most Weird Phobias which still exists!

(Most Weird Phobias which still exists! ) The definition of a phobia is an extreme or irrational feeling of some cases it can be life-threatening. #mostCommon#phobia#world

The fear can be because of both real and imaginary conditions which can make an individual uncomfortable. Today we will be looking at some common types of phobias. Those Phobias which people experience the most:

  • (Spectrophobia) Fear of Mirror: Spectrophobia is a kind of specific phobia involving a morbid fear of mirrors, sometimes related to the fear of ghosts or the undead. They claim to have seen something not natural in front of the Mirror.
  • (Nomophobia) Fear of not having a Mobile Phone: nomophobia is a proposed name for the phobia of being out of cell phone contact.
  • (Cyanophobia) Fear of dogs: The next comes cynophobia which comes from personal experience in the past take an example of a dog biting you during early childhood. Those experiences make an Individual restless.
  • (Trypanophobia) Fear of Injections: Pain of Syringes and Injection is often felt in this phobia. An individual can feel stressed and more nervous even after hearing the name of injection.
  • (Escalaphobia) Fear of Escalators: Escalaphobia.this phobia refers to the fear of escalators where an individual generally panics to step on the escalator present in the malls and other places in the fear of falling from it.
  • (Aquaphobia) Fear of Water: Aquaphobia is basically fear of water, where an individual goes through trauma after watching the water in the river, sea or even bathtub if the level of water is more then what the individual
  • Tunnel Phobia: Fear of tunnels which resemble darkness or negativity infant it is safer to drive in tunnels but research concludes that 1.4% of people all over the world to witness this phobia.

Treatments on Phobia:

Most phobias can be cured with appropriate treatment. There is no single treatment that works for every person with a phobia. Treatment needs to be tailored to the individual for it to work. Thank you for watching .please like, share the video. Subscribe to our channel watch more factual videos.

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