Top 5 Features of Android Q – Beta Version 1!

Some of the top new features for Android Q Beta 1. Google has released the first beta version of its Android Q software update.

Today’s video is regarding the top 5 features of newly launched Android Q Beta Version 1.

Sharing Wifi :-

No manual input needed. To access the wifi the user needs to scan the code, This feature was present in the MI phones but now will be implemented in all the other android high range phones, which will support android Q.

Multiple Theme:-

This feature allows color changes in android Q. Multiple color option and customization available. Colors like red, blue, purple and green are available.

Dark Mode:-

The dark mode allows battery saving options. The feature can be enabled using the battery saver option.

Support for fold able phones:-

support for foldable phones will be released in the upcoming beta versions.which is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2019. Upcoming features in betas, more usable screen recording app, auto-reply from the notification center.A

The new version of Android Q will be called …?

finally, what will android Q be named? Quindim.Qurabiya.queen of pudding.qottab. quirks. or something else. Share your guesses for Android Q, version name by posting your comment Below.

We’re really stretching with a lot of those considering that many of them are desserts only known in specific countries all around the globe, so if you have any better suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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