Famous KhauGalli in Mumbai | You Must Visit

The Top Most famous KhauGallis are mentioned below:

Some famous Khau Galli in Mumbai which you should definitely visit. The Places include the most famous khaugallis in Mumbai , and also the dishes which are most famous to the specific restaurant joints All these places mentioned in the video above have their special dishes listed so you can check it out in the video.

Mumbai is one of the growing city of India since last 20 years. In fact it is an over crowded city now. To feed such a huge population, this city requires thousands of food center across the city. Mumbai is also an multi-cultural city, so city requires variety as well.

  • Mohammed Ali road Khaugalli : Chicken tandoori at Bademiyan , Sanjay dutt chicken at noormohammed hotel.
  • Carter road Khaugalli : Chicken shawarma at Carter’s blue , Chicken momos at wow’s momos. Flavoured ice-cream at budapest bakehouse.
  • Mahim Khaugalli : Chicken shawarma is a speciality at this place. variety of falooda at baba falooda. https://youtu.be/J9Pse5y_7-E
  • Tardeo Khaugalli : Amul buthttps://youtu.be/J9Pse5y_7-Eter pavbhaji at sardar pavbhaji. sea-food thali at gomantak.
  • Ghatkopar Khaugalli: Jhini dosa at sai dosa . flavoured malai gola.

The places mentioned above provide veg and non-veg items both , one does not need to be a foodie but surely these places can make your mouth watering and the taste is absolutely unique.

Why Would you choose them above lavish restaurents ??

Khau Gallis are an integral part of Mumbai’s metropolitan culture. Usually located near railway stations, colleges and offices, these narrow bylanes, with their roadside carts and hole-in-the wall eateries, offer visual and gastronomic treats. Packed with crowds making beelines for their favourite snacks, sweets and more, Khau Gallis remain supremely busy from the lunch hours to when the clock strikes midnight.

If you are looking for delicious, vegetarian food then Ghatkopar should be on your list. The most inspiring thing about Khau Gallis is that they offer scores of variations of every dish available. On top of that these culinary delights satisfy your taste buds without burning too big a hole in your pocket!. Every place has it’s own legacy and making the food experience much better.

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