Android mobile tips and tricks – 100% Working

(Android mobile tips and tricks – 100% Working)

We will be looking at the tips and tricks of android mobile phone

Features like :

Activating Developer Option:

The Developer option enables multiple customization features to the users.

System Animation:

This feature allows the response of an app to be much faster.

Notification Log:

Notification log gives information about the complete logs of notifications sent and received.

Offline Google Maps:

Offline google Maps saves data and allows the user to navigate without the use of any information.

Android Easter Game:

With every new version of android a new game arrives which is kind of a cool feature.

Inbuilt File Explorer:

Android Os itself has its own inbuilt file explorer where the user can transfer or move a file between directories.

Multi-Window Split:

Multi-window allows user to use 2 apps simultaneously.

Data Saving Mode:

Data saving mode helps save battery and cellular data as background apps may use up the cellular data.

Application Shortcuts:

Creating Application shortcuts saves the navigation time in the settings.

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