Terrifying Effects of global warming | It Will Change Everything

After years and years of abusing our environment, we are finally starting to pay the price. For decades, the adverse impacts human activities have had on the environment have gone ignored, and now Mother Nature has begun to respond. Although various organizations have come up in recent years speaking for each, they may be a little too late. However, as they say, better late than never and just maybe their efforts are making a slight difference and improvement. One of the biggest problems is the extinction of the species. The water bodies are polluted by plastic and make it hard for animals to continue their usual life habits. The land wastes make it harder for many animals to exist as well, even though they adapt to new conditions, these conditions are not fit for a good, healthy life. We begin to face a dystopian future, however dramatic it might sound. The corporations that try to prevent waste are not numerous and people are not very keen on recycling but this may be the only thing that can save our planet in the long run. Scientists keep confirming the rise in temperature and if we’re not mindful of their words now, we might regret it later.

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