India Vs Pakistan War – Military Comparison – Who has a more powerful military?

Watch India Vs Pakistan Military Power Comparison 2019 | India Vs Pakistan Military Who has a more powerful military? #indiaVsPakistan#miraj2000#NuclearWar#Comparison#modi Today’s video will be about the military weapons which India has if there is a nuclear war versus Pakistan India and Pakistan have fought before twice after getting partitioned in 1947. India has spent a military budget of 58 billion dollars according to IISS in 2018 whereas Pakistan has spent 11 billion dollars. india has 1.4 million active troops. Pakistan has 6,35,800 active troops. they also received 100 million dollars in foreign military assistance. Missiles & Nuclear Weapons.

India has Agni 3 with a range of 3000-5000 km.

Pakistan has Shaheen 2 which has an extended range of up to 2000 km hence it can be fired to any part of India.

Pakistan has 140-150 warheads.india has 130-140 warheads. now let’s talk about the Army:

india has an army of 12 lac.3565 battle tanks.3100 infantry fighting vehicles. 336 armoured personnel carrier.9719 artillery.

akistan has an army of 5,60,000. 2496 battle tanks.1605 armored personnel carriers. 4472 artillery.

now let’s check the strength of Air force:

12700 personnel. 814 combat aircraft.

Pakistan has only 425 combat aircraft.

now let’s check the Indian navy force. :

1 aircraft carrier. 16 submarines. 14 destroyers. 13 frigates. 106 patrol and coastal combat vessels. 75 aircraft. 67000 personnel.

while Pakistan navy consists of .: 9 frigates. 8 submarines. 17 patrol and coastal combat vessels. 8 aircraft. numbers show that India has an upper hand on Pakistan. now let’s see the other countries who will be supporting India and Pakistan respectively.

india will be supported by Russia.America. and Iran. while

Pakistan will be supported by china.turkey.and Saudi Arabia

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