Vector vs Raster Explained - What is DIFFERENCE?

What is difference between Vector Images and Raster Images. #rastorVSvector #howto #difference Today's video


What is difference between Vector Images and Raster Images. #rastorVSvector #howto #difference Today's video is regarding raster graphics and vector graphics Vector graphics and raster graphics are two basic types of digital image we see on daily basis. Not Clear Enough? lets look closer.look at these two images the one on the left is a vector image and on the right is a raster image didn't see the difference.lets zoom it and have a closer look.The vector image looks clear and distorted as it is made up of points, lines, curves and basic shapes these images are calculated for every level of scaling so these images stay the same regardless of size.while the raster image looks grainy and distorted because it is made up of small units called as pixels.Vector images are less detailed as they are generally basic shapes hence their size is relatively less as they just contain the mathematical instructions. In raster the more number of pixels results in more number of detailing adding up to the overall file size.Vector images are used for logo designing & printing purpose because large scaling is needed for printing. where as raster images are used for high detailed photos and digital paintings.finally these are some common file types used for raster and vector images.file types such as ai, pfd ,eps are all vector extensions where as jpeg , png and tiff are all rester extensions. #learn #eternity #trending #videos Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google+: Our Website: