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The pyramid has many unsolved and hidden mysteries. Egypt is one of the world famous attractions for the tourist, T


The pyramid has many unsolved and hidden mysteries. Egypt is one of the world famous attractions for the tourist, There are many sight seeings in the country, but more to it is the mystery surrounding around it. Watch the full video and comment if you have more information about it. we will try to cover those topics in the next videos. Pyramid Construction Technology ? With the Pyramids made over 4000 years ago it is still a mystery of how the limestones which weigh between 2700kg to 70000kg were transported without any modern machinery. Chemist Joseph Davidovits states the blocks were made right on top of one another, and this would explain their weight and the lack of gaps between them. However, geologists and paleontologists argue that the blocks are processed sedimentary rocks, thus refuting Davidovits's theory. There's still no single hypothesis. Hidden Chambers or Discovered Chambers ? In 1993, the crawler robot Upuaut 2 discovered a small door in the southern shaft of the pyramid, behind which an empty space and another door was later found. In 2010, the modernized robot Djedi took photos from beyond the first door that showed copper handles and red ocher paintings. Moreover, despite no one getting into the shaft for 9 years, fresh scratches had appeared on its walls and ceiling. Thermal Mystery of Great Pyramid ? The temperature inside the pyramid is always constant which is 20 Degrees which also the average temperature of the world. Infrared thermographic research of 2016 showed inexplicable hollows underneath the Great Pyramid as well as near the top of it. The lower hollows are supposed to be either some yet unfound chamber or an underground passage. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities hasn't given any comments yet. What is the real age of this structure ? The Inventory Stela found in Giza in the 19th century says that Khufu ordered the Sphinx to be restored, not built. That, along with the furrows on its body which are the result of erosion that took about 8,000 years, places doubt on the age of the Great Pyramid: the Sphinx is considered a younger monument. Star Shaft Theory ? The basis of this theory concerns the proposition that the relative positions of three main Ancient Egyptian pyramids on the Giza plateau was by design correlated with the relative positions of the three stars in the constellation of Orion which make up Orion's Belt— as these stars appeared in 10,000 BC. Keywords: Facts About the Ancient Egypt. Unsolved Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt. The Lost Labyrinth Of Egypt. The Unknown Queen Of Egypt. The Sphinx Of Israel. The Mysterious Death Of King Tut. The Hidden Chamber Of The Great Pyramid. The Mummy Wrapped In A Foreign Book. The Dendera Light. The Destroyed Pyramid. #pyramid #unsolved #mysteries #learn #eternity #trending #videos Other playlist: Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google+: Our Website: