Most weird and unusual people in the world | You won't believe exist

Most weird and unusual people in the world | You won't believe exist. Today's video is about the top 10 u


Most weird and unusual people in the world | You won't believe exist. Today's video is about the top 10 unusual people in the world. Abdul Bajandar, a resident of southern Bangladesh has an uncommon nickname 'Tree Man' and an uncommon condition to boot. The former rickshaw puller has bark-like growths on his skin and will need aggressive surgery to remove them, according to doctors. They have failed after multiple attempts to treat Bajandar's condition for which the scientific name is epidermodysplasia verruciformis. About half a dozen people worldwide have the 'tree-man syndrome'. The condition however seems particularly aggressive in Abul Bajandar, who has already undergone 25 bouts of surgery since 2016 to remove the greenish-grey gnarled protuberances from his skin. George Lippert (1844 - August 1906), AKA "The Man with Three Legs," had three legs and two hearts. His third leg was very small and shriveled, and he could not use it. Also, his second heart stopped beating, but he continued to live for two weeks. He was born in Germany. He had three brothers and three sisters, all normal. He was also born of normal parents. He died in 1906 of tuberculosis. Matthew McGrory was an actor from America who became widely known for his great height and was the Guinness World Record holder for the tallest actor, biggest feet, and longest toe. A native of Pennsylvania, McGrory’s unusual height garnered him attention quite early in his life. In the initial days of his entertainment career, he was featured on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ as well as Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. McGrory made his acting debut in 2001 in an episode of the sitcom ‘Malcolm in the Middles. He had his cinematic debut that year as well, in the adventure comedy ‘Bubble Boy’. Carlos Rodrigues didn't always look like that - he was a regular person with a full head until the age of 14. However, after an alcohol and drug binge, he stole a car, got into an accident, and went flying through the windshield. Carlos smashed his head on the asphalt, and doctors consequently had to remove a significant portion of his skull and brain to save his life. Thus, he became the man with literally half a brain. Elizabeth Anne Velásquez born March 13, 1989) is an American motivational speaker, activist, author, and YouTuber. She was born with an extremely rare congenital disease called Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome that, among other symptoms, prevents her from accumulating body fat and gaining weight. Her conditions resulted in bullying during her childhood. During her teenage years, she faced cyberbullying, which ultimately inspired her to take up motivational speaking. Yu Zhenhuan was officially named the world’s hairiest man by Guinness Books of Worlds records in 2002. He suffers from a rare condition with hair covering 96 percent of the body. There were several surgeries done but there were no positive results hence he has decided to keep things the way they are. Johnny Quinn suffered 95 percent burns to his body and nearly died – but thanks to Leah's quick-thinking survived. However, he was left terribly burnt and in hospital for a year. Since then he has undergone 87 operations and overcomes anorexia by getting into bodybuilding. Gary Turner is a sideshow performer. He holds the current Guinness World Record for the stretchiest skin, caused by a serious form of Ehlers Danlos syndrome. On October 29, 1999, in Los Angeles, he stretched the skin on his abdomen to a total length of 6.25 inches, earning him the record. He performed in the short film He Took His Skin Off For Me. He was also a member of The Circus of Horrors in 2005. When he was born, his midwife only mentioned that he had loose skin. That was the only clue of his condition. Keywords: who is the weirdest person in the world, craziest person in the world 2020, craziest people in the world, most unusual kids in the world, unusual things in the world, funniest looking person in the world, who is the most unique person in the world, how to describe a weird person, 10 most weirdest person in the world, the weirdest people in the world review, the weirdest people in the world goodreads, the weirdest animal in the world, weirdest people in history, weird people quotes, 10 most weirdest person in the world, unique people in the world, craziest person in the world 2020, most unusual things in the world, most unique faces in the world, who is the most unique person in the world, #most #weird #people #unusual #world #learn #eternity #trending #videos Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google+: Our Website: